Friends  Of  Wardsend Cemetery Tour   

                                 Visit this Unique and Historic Cemetery





                     Meet at Club Mill Road (Coopers Scrapyard) by steps behind  Bassett's

                     and Hillsborough College.



                      Drivers should park before the bridge


                      The cemetery has undergone a major clearance thanks to the local council 
                      and many areas are now accessible, although the walk will stay on the 
                      main paths, the views of the cemetery are now open. If you have a relative 
                      there you want to find come along and contact us we can help you.   
                                     Strong shoes and outdoor casual clothing advised.

                      A fascinating journey back into the history of Wardsend and the Cemetery from 
                      the 12th Century to the present day.

                      Come and hear about the Good, Bad and Scandalous history, ranging from the
                      Sheffield Flood to the body we never had.

                      Hear about some of our "Residents'" colourful and interesting pasts. Our connection
                      with the Barracks at Hillsborough and our V. C. holder.

                                       Come and join us, come and visit Wardsend. 

           “Crisis of Confidence:”                      
The Public Response to the 1862 Sheffield Resurrection Scandal
Jordan Lee Smith History Dissertation
 University of Chester 2012-2013

On the evening of 3rd  June 1862 a riot broke out at Wardsend Cemetery in the Hillsborough district of Sheffield. The disturbance was a direct reaction to rumours that the Reverend John Livesey and his sextonIsaac Howard were involved in the practice of bodysnatching - the illegal exhumation of the dead and subsequent sale to medical schools for use in anatomical study. Though such accusations were later proven false, and both Livesey and Howard were prosecuted for lesser crimes, during the initial retaliation the angry crowd destroyed much property belonging to the suspects and escaped without penalty.      

Send an e-mail for the full 40 page text of this very interesting piece of work.
There is also a copy at Sheffield Archive on Shoreham Street                                                                          

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