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Posted by Nicola Jennings on 13/10/2018

My great aunt was buried here 1902 aged just 16 months. It is nice to know the place is cared for. A message from her parents expresses some of the pain they must have felt. To Eveline, Not now, but in the coming years, it may be in the better land well read the meaning of our tears and then, at least we'll understand.

Posted by Penny Rea on 20/08/2017   Email

Great website - full of admiration for the scale of the task you have embarked on. Thanks for the encouragement shown to Friends of Zion Graveyard, Attercliffe. Hope one day soon we can come and help you on one of your work days.

Posted by Susan rudge on 01/05/2017   Email

Been a couple of times this week,lovely tranquil place,shame the local idiots try to ruin it with flytipping

Posted by Uche Nwa on 11/04/2017   Email

i am here and is nice being here

Posted by DOROTHY M WALKER on 16/03/2017   Email

Very interesting sight - I will keep looking at. However disappointed that Sheffield Indexers have not taken notes of this cemetery - I put Wardsend in their search box and came up with nothing. As some of my late husband's family are buried here it would have been nice to look for others. Thanks for this site

Posted by Kay on 20/12/2016   Email

Been on a walk through Wardsend Cem today with my kids I didn't even know it was there, My son took us as he Done the walk from Penrith road all the way down to bere's with his school, It's a very interesting walk

Posted by Jackie Kent on 10/07/2016

Thank you to Friends of Wardsend Cemetery for enabling me to find the family gravestone remembering my great uncle William Thompson Smout. We were able to pay our respects on the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme in which he lost his life.

Posted by Roger Mosforth on 31/05/2016

Fantastical, helpful, very useful information helped me to find great grandfather's relatives. Thank you George.

Posted by Aylish on 06/01/2016

Been here as part of college assignment scary but fascinating. interested to know what it was used for floods of 1800s.

Posted by Amanda Fenn on 20/09/2015   Email

visited today with my dad Alan carr for the first time since being very small. The cemetery rivals the General cemetery, with beautifully carved headstones, lovely trees and even with the brambles, graves are still quite accessible and very well preserved......really worth a visit...and I took lots of photos

Posted by Barbara on 28/06/2015   Email

Loved the pictures. Each time I have visited I felt a sense of calm I wonder when it is all tidy if I will feel the same. Thank you George for taking this girl on personal tours.

Posted by sue parker on 01/05/2015

Brocklehurst. There's a large memorial stone in Durbar, Derbyshire with this families names inscribed, none seem to be interred there but in several cemeteries in Sheffield, Wardsend being one of them. Why would this be? I'm fascinated about family history. Any help greatly appreciated.

Posted by Darren Arthur on 15/07/2014   Email

I've visited wardsend cemetery on my own, twice and to say i felt uneasy is an under statement. So i would very much appreciate if you could let me know when the next tour takes place. Thank you in advance. D. Arthur

Posted by Debra Chubb on 13/07/2014

I am currently researching my family tree and this has brought me to this site as I believe ancestors of my great grandmother are buried there. Myra Alsop and Daniel Furniss are the great grandparents of my great grandmother, Clara Furniss - I will definitely be visiting

Posted by Neil Theasby on 08/05/2014

I visited the cemetery for the first time today. It's somewhere I had meant to go for ages. The gravestones provide a window into life and attitudes in the second half of the nineteenth century and speak eloquently of Sheffield's past. I applaud all of the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery for caring about it and for actions that will extend the life of this atmospheric place.

Posted by sean royle on 13/04/2014   Email

just discoverd the cemetry at wardsend by accident had a walk around and thought it was an interesting place to look at having googled the street name to try and find out more info found this site. will be visiting you on your guided walk. please tell me that the rumours i have just read are untrue.

Posted by Samantha Thompson on 23/03/2014   Email

I am very disturbed to gear that the only reason the council has started clearing the site us that they have plans to demolish the entire area and build high rise flats!!!!!! Please tell me that there is some way to stop this from happening!! This is the second time now that ive heard of Sheffield city council just wading in and taking ownership of buildings or land!! This land was bought by the local vicar at the tine so why should the council assume ownership then build flats on our great ancestors!!!!!!

Posted by CymroDylan on 15/03/2014   Email

Despite living in Hillsborough since 2000 I hadn't known about this Cemetery even given my interest in such places. Was expecting it to be quite overgrown and difficult to navigate but the main part was very well kept - testament to the work of those supporting the Cemetery (thank you). Saw the Beaumont grave as mentioned in the people buried section on your website. Favourite gravestone belonged to George Faulkner - a very interesting reflective pair of poems on that.

Posted by Sue Wiggins on 31/01/2014   Email

Discovered the cemetery on the Upper Don Walk, staying in Sheffield for a few days to explore. This site is an excellent source of info to answer the many questions I had after visiting Wardsend. keep up the good work, cant wait to go back in better weather.

Posted by Anne Diver on 14/12/2013   Email

I have a photo of the Cartwright / Robinson grave. my grandparents and gt grandparents. unbelievable! Some one has been very busy. I last saw it when I was 13yrs. I am now 78ys.

Posted by Michelle Koester on 18/10/2013   Email

Wish it was possible to take pictures of all the gravestones. It would make so many geneologists happy. Very happy that local authorities have taken over the care of this historic site. My only hope is that I can travel to the UK and see it someday.

Posted by Barbara Batty on 18/06/2013   Email

Christine Vaughan's message re her ancestors

Posted by Claudine Nelson on 25/02/2013   Email

Seeking HANCOCK family - electroplaters. Have found GG grandparents, James and Maria in the General Cemetery, Norton,Sheffield. Thanks from Alberta, Canada

Posted by diane bowring on 19/01/2013

Took a short cut whilst walking into Hillsborough and stumbled upon this graveyard...had mixed feeling about it..very interesting part of history but really upsetting regarding the state of the area and also the grave stones there...actually made me cry!!

Posted by Andrew Lawton on 29/12/2012   Email

Hello, I've been given this link from a post I put on Sheffield Records Online and was told you maybe able to help. I'm looking for info on some of my descendants who lived nearby. Some replied to my search on SRO and told me Reuben Thompson aged 52, of Carnarvon Street, Sheffield, buried in Wardsend Cemetery on November 27th 1889. I was hoping you may be to till if anyone else was buried in the same grave. I have another grave I'd like info on, but I have a plot number for that one, its NP3 718, It should be a Frances Smith grave (My Great Grandmother). If you could tell me if there's anyone else in the grave too. And I know its cheeky but you've any records for a Searle family in the cemetery that'd be amazing. Many Thanks Andrew

Posted by Rich W on 12/12/2012

re old posting by Jordan Lee Smith, I believe T W Ward is interred at Crookes Cemetery.

Posted by Mortus on 28/11/2012   Email

I have decided to walk from Longley into Hillsborugh today, and use every possible shorcut. Thats how i have discovered that. I was amazed by that graveyard. So strong feelings came to me. Amazing and powerfull palce.

Posted by Barbara Batty (nee Fearnley) on 21/11/2012   Email

Where can I find reference to Reverend Clack?

Posted by Christine Vaughan on 14/08/2012   Email

Today I visited the Sheffield archives to search for my grt grt grandparents burrial records. I found the plot no 308 but no plan.Does anyone know if there is one.They are Eliza Redfern died 1882 and John Redfern died 1885.Living 1861-71 and 81 in Owlerton.

Posted by Graham Shepherd on 31/03/2012   Email

Great web site, I love the place. This was one of my playgrounds in 1950s as described in my book Get thi Neck Weshed

Posted by Barbara Batty (nee Fearnley) on 26/02/2012   Email

I had no idea of the local support for this historic cemetery. I have been trying to follow-up a childhood memory of seeing some sort of stone inscription (? grave/memorial) to Rev Clack. Any ideas please?

Posted by Andrew on 10/02/2012

I have just seen a video of the fire damage I am so angry

Posted by Richard Atkinson on 29/01/2012

Came across this place accidently whilst on a bike ride, fascinating, look forward to learning more.

Posted by marie howe on 31/12/2011   Email

hi..could you tell me if there are any transcripts of burials at the cemetery . i am researching the surnames howe ,turner ,marshall and westaway . i beleive i may have relatives with surname turner within the cemetery . thankyou . marie .

Posted by D.brumpton on 20/08/2011   Email

will be with you sunday sept 11th met you last week with my beagle

Posted by Carol Gillis on 23/07/2011   Email

This is one of my favorite cemeteries. I was there several years ago. I just love the bluebells. Thank you so much George for sending me the URL. I hope to come back soon for another visit.

Posted by Jordan Lee Smith on 24/06/2011   Email

Hi, Me and my friend were up in the cemetery earlier tonight. Many of the stones are, as mentioned on this website, very difficult to read due to overgrowth now. However I did here Thomas William Ward (famous for his shipbreaking/scrap metal company and his elephant Lizzie) is buried there. Is this true? Can anyone give a decent idea of where his grave is located if so?

Posted by denise roulson on 01/04/2011   Email

could anyone tell me if there is a gravestone for charlotte middleton age 3 died 1906 also katrina died 1913 age 9months and her twin hilda died 1914.I know they are buried there but don`t where. Thanks for any help, Denise.

Posted by Ken Wild on 25/08/2010

Educational and very interesting "Well Done"

Posted by RUTH SHAW on 17/08/2010

A lovely job-clear and interesting.Makes me want to re visit

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